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a week ago 5 of my photos were on display. in a small place called Taylor House Museum i watched people look at my photos. it was thrilling, and amazing. seeing my work framed and hanging on a wall was really something special.
i sold two pieces! i am joyous and still pinching myself.
a week ago we visited the fountains. this year the splashing was just as thrilling and we had wonderful friends to enjoy the summer picnic in the park with.
we went to the playhouse on Wednesday. my little guy and i hung out in the lobby for the second half of the show. he was bored and antsy. my daughter and grandmother were glues to their seats inside. they loved every second of The King & I performance. my grandmother tried to describe the stars and moon and some of the set to me, and my heart sank a little. i really had wanted to see it. maybe next year...
on Friday we went to a children's museum in Salem,MA. the drive down was easy and the day was gorgeous. the museum is small and perfect for chatting it up with other mums. there are millions of things to talk about and yet i always seem to get too nervous to say anything much. i'm working on this...
this weekend we tied up any loose school prep ends. everyone is ready to start. fresh pencils to be used and fall jackets to be worn. it feels like the real new year. the leaves are turning red and orange, catching my eye as we drive. little autumn hellos calling out.
fall is a season that doesn't last long enough. i adore the fire like colors of the trees, and yellow school buses around the neighborhood. the frosty pumpkin patches, apples and baking and hot chocolate make for my favorite time of year.


Nessie Noodle said...

oh Angela! that is so exciting- good for you- your photography is fantastic and deserves to be hung in homes!

autumn is wonderful isn't it....

hope all is well


Left-handed Trees... said...

Congratulations on the show! Such good news...my mother's family hails from Salem, MA--small world, isn't it?

wish studio said...

thanks so much for making me a part of your summer!