welcome 4

welcome 4
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we're moving on into your fourth year, you and i.
you'll be off in September to a preschool, and i feel tears brimming at that thought.
you're sleeping in a big boy bed and didn't even fuss as dad packed the crib away down in the basement. i was the only one who felt a sad sigh rise and fall inside me. your dad teased me with a happy "no more babies!" and i tried to shrug it all off with a smile. it was half hearted that smile...
yesterday we went upstairs for a story and 'tuck in' and you had made your bed. all by yourself, without anyone even suggesting that.
you did that.
you like dress up play, and i love that about you. you are a fantastic wizard and a kind little swashbuckler. your latest is soldier. you march tall and love your flashlight. you like playing with tools and "fixing" things. you like cutting with scissors, i like when you cut paper - not my things...
so many things fill our days, so much love and many growing pains too. what wonderful times we've shared this summer, you, your sister, your dad and i, and all our wonderful family and dear friends. i wonder how much of it you will remember as time goes on? i'm glad there all these photographs to look back on, and these words here. they are (someday) all for you two.

i love you little guy.
happy birthday.


Melba said...

I was laying next to maggie talking in her bed wondering the same thing...
will you remember?

maybe not the exact moment, but I think the feelings live on.

acumamakiki said...

happy birthday to your big boy! this is a gorgeous photo - the feelings as we watch our babes grow up are so bittersweet. sigh.

Tori said...

A lovely tribute to your little man. I can't even imagine how quick time flies when you are witnessing it through the growth of your children.